Introducing-The New Windy City

27 Oct

“So many autumn, ay, and winter days, spent outside the town, trying to hear what was in the wind, to hear and carry it express!” Henry David Thoreau, Walden

Okay, so Thoreau may not have been referring to actual “wind” when he wrote this, but still his words stuck out at me when I read them today because the weather in Milwaukee has been absolutely crazy for the past few days. According to Brian Gotter, our local weatherman, a powerful storm system along with a cold front arrived in Milwaukee late Monday night… and this storm continues to bring the noise! Monday night’s storm was an exuberantly  loud and bright thunderstorm, followed by a lovely downpour and devilish wind on Tuesday morning. My drive to school that day was exhilarating; there was so much to look at. My alley was full of overturned garbage cans, busted gates and broken tree limbs, and the fallen autumn leaves formed tiny tornadoes at intersections and alongside of buildings. What was not so exhilarating about the storm was when I lost 2/3 of a paper I was writing due to a wind gust that knocked out the power. (MOTHER- #%*@&!) … Yeah, it wasn’t pretty. The storm felt zero remorse for my paper loss and has literally continued to rock Milwaukee. This storm broke records when a pressure reading of 28.38” was recorded from its center. If you are like me, a non-meteorologist, then the number 28.38” means nothing to you too. Something I can understand though as a native of Florida is the power of hurricane force winds, and according to the weather officials, 28.38” is the equivalent of having a category 2 hurricane right on top of us. Awesome. It feels like I’m back at home, except there is less rain. The extreme wind gusts are supposed to taper off, but this storm system will be hanging around for a few more days, so keep an eye on your small children and pets. And lookout Chicago– Milwaukee is riding your coat tails!


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