Where Does The Day Go?

3 Nov

I found out on Monday that my classes for Wednesday were going to be cancelled. I have the same professor for both classes that day and God bless her– she had a personal errand and had to cancel. Today was meant to be a day of semi-relaxation; I had  nothing on my agenda with the exception of one reading assignment. So … I took the dog for a car ride, made some french toast, did the dishes, vacuumed the whole house, cleaned my car, cleaned the bathroom, caught up on my correspondence, did some laundry, took the dog for a walk, cooked dinner… I did everything BUT the freakin’ reading assignment!  I just kept finding things to do and I kept telling myself that it was okay to do them because  I had no other obligations, except one tiny reading assignment. Well, I should have read the fine print in my syllabus… that one reading assignment is actually 50 (margin to margin) pages. I didn’t even mean to procrastinate this time–honest! It’s almost 9PM now and I really don’t feel like reading. I want to sleep– I’m tired from all the stuff I did while I was semi-relaxing. Ppppffff! Where does the day go, honestly?


One Response to “Where Does The Day Go?”

  1. turntablesnapshots November 3, 2010 at 9:35 pm #

    I love the part on taking Mr. Niles for a ride, that made me laugh! I always like taking my dog to the bank, they know her name and talk to her….and not to forget they give her a treat too!

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