I Came, I Saw, I Sauntered.

7 Nov

I just wanted to share a story and a photo with you all today. Last Thursday my philosophy professor shocked the class when he told us that he wanted us to go outside for the first 15 minutes of class and saunter. Saunter? Who uses that word anymore? That’s like calling my purse a satchel. But, that’s not that point…. So, the whole class- myself included- went outside, split up and sauntered. We weren’t supposed to talk, text, smoke, read, NADA… we were to do nothing except take in the world around us. And I can’t lie- It was nice.

It was a less than cheerful day; very dark clouds gathered ominously above the entire campus. And it was cold and windy. But, I still had a great time. I slowly walked around the front courtyard and took in the beautiful sight of the changing leaves and the smell of the cold air. One tree in particular caught my attention because it was so colorful. I’ve parked by that tree a

Mother Nature

dozen times and never noticed just how many colors it had. I found six variations in less than 30 seconds. I brought the leaves back to class to show them to everyone. They saw beauty too.

I miss hanging out with nature. When I was a young girl- I was the epitome of a tomboy. I was always out and about in the woods playing with Mother Nature. I’d build a fort with broken tree limbs, catch tadpoles in the ditch, or climb the treetops. There was never a dull moment. Over the years my relationship with her has greatly diminished. I’m an adult now and unfortunately I don’t have the kind of time I had when I was a kid. But, it sure was nice to catch up with an old friend. I’m going to add a block of time in my planner for “Moments of Saunter”…. Spring should be lovely.


2 Responses to “I Came, I Saw, I Sauntered.”

  1. Christine Jumper November 16, 2010 at 8:53 am #

    I loved this entry! Beautifully explained…and, just so you know, I use the word sauntered! 🙂

    • fleabug83 November 16, 2010 at 9:35 am #

      Thanks Christine! I’m glad you enjoyed it. And I’m sure that you use “saunter” because you are an intellectual. 😉

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