Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow…

20 Nov

I am having one of those days…. a professional would probably describe what I am experiencing right now as “writers block”, however, I hesitantly apply the label writer to myself at this point in time, but still… this feeling is just terrible.

I think I’m having trouble expressing myself because I have nothing to express. My week was a run of the mill, hustle and bustle type of week. I had barricades of mundane tediousness flanked on all sides. Writing wasn’t an option, and even if it had been, I still wouldn’t have done it. My week was so blah, I probably would have wrote about laundry detergent (or something as equally lame). However, I do have a few exciting things on the horizon that I’m sure will provide a multitude of things to share.

For example, tonight I am going to a “Widow Party”. This party began as a tradition for wives during deer-hunting season. While the husbands took leave for the weekend to deer hunt, the wives would get together and socialize. I have no idea why

Three Cheese Platter

this party is coined as a “Widow Party” maybe some of the husbands were a lousy shot?? (Oops.) I have a dear friend who hosts this party every year, and she adds a unique twist to the tradition. She turns the social event into a wine/cheese party for the preposterously dressed. The guests bring a unique cheese, she provides the wine, and we are all supposed to get dolled up  in an outdated dress. I don’t do dresses, but she lets me slide because I bring several remarkable cheeses. Tonight I am bringing a cranberry white cheddar, a full-cream dill havarti, and a Brun-uusto Juustalepia cheese (baked cheese). I sampled as I cut them into cubes, and if you were wondering, YES- all three are delicious.

I am really looking forward to next week! Not only do I not have class Tuesday through Sunday, also… my family will be here!!!  Some of my Florida relatives are coming up to visit for Thanksgiving. We have not been together for a Thanksgiving in a while, so I am thrilled to say the least.  We have made a few plans during their visit, such as visiting the Milwaukee Public Museum, and taking them by the construction site. I have a feeling though that they aren’t going to want to leave the house much. I just spoke to my Dad this morning and he was up in arms about the weather reports for next week. It might snow on Thanksgiving… oh man, this is going to be fun!


One Response to “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow…”

  1. Christine Jumper November 21, 2010 at 8:53 am #

    Being a cheese-lover, I have to know more about the baked cheese. I have my thoughts on where it originates; the type of milk from which it’s derived, and its firmness–but that’s just from your delicious looking photo! Details, please…

    Have fun with your family! I know you miss them terribly. We’ll have to get together sometime so you can show me the construction progress too. Happy Turkey Day, Chica.

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