About Flea

A real person and not a flea.

This is me.

This is me. Well, this is me with short bangs and straightened hair. Typically my hair is a wild curly mess, like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, except Julia could pull it off and… I digress.

About Flea: My name is Felicia. I have gone by the nickname “Flea” since I was a little girl. I’ve had that nickname for so long that I’m not entirely sure how I got it. It sounds similar to my name, yes, but I remember one day when I was 8 years old (or something close to that) I broke into my neighbor’s yard to play with her dog. When I came home I was covered (head to toe) with fleas. My stepdad hosed me down in the front yard until I was no longer flea-ridden. That story might have something to do with it. There are many variations my family and friends like to use: Flea Bug, Flea Bag, Bug, Bag, Fe-Fe…. yada, yada,… I’ll just stick with Flea- thank you.

I’m a Florida girl currently residing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Yikes!..I know) But I honestly love living here. Being able to witness the change of the seasons is one of the top reasons, but there are many more. I am a (reasonably) young adult, 27, and married without kids. Having children is on my agenda (Age 30: get pregnant) but I have a list of things I want to do before I turn 30 and surrender my life to diaper duty. My list isn’t outrageous, by some standards it might even seem lame, but it is my list and no one else’s; I suffer no humiliation. As a matter of fact, I am pretty darn proud of the life I’m living. Here are some highlights:

I graduated from high school without ever being arrested. (If you knew me in high school then this highlight would bare some meaning.)

I served in the military (United States Air Force) for 5 honorable years.

I got married at 19 years old and I WASN’T pregnant.

I met a President of the United States (I don’t like to say which one because believe it or not, it affects the reaction I get from people).

I am less than 2 years away from graduating from college and have maintained a 3.7 GPA (FYI: I’ll be a first generation graduate).

I’m pursuing my interests in art, foreign language, writing, music, and photography in as many ways as I can afford to.

I finally got off of North American soil. I visited Mexico (Cozumel) and Grand Cayman via cruise liner. (Next stop Europe! Toot Toot!)

There are still plenty of things I aspire to do in this life. Many won’t happen before I’m 30 years old, and some may never happen, but I’m content with doing my best. For example, this blog- I may never have one follower, but that’s okay with me because I’m putting everything I’ve got into it. And if I never get around to publishing my novel I’ll just tell people “Well, at least I had a blog!”

WHY BLOG? My plan for this blog is to share my opinion and knowledge with readers about an array of topics: cooking, art, photography, literature, political matters, religion, human interaction,… just about anything. I’m a tell it like I see it kinda gal, fully aware that my opinion is just that- my opinion.  I love the feeling of creativity pulsing through my veins, but I love the sensation of sharing it with others more. Writing feels therapeutic to me- it’s like a cranial cleansing. I feel so much better once I’ve written something off my chest, be it negative or positive. So, that’s me and my blog. Thanks for reading this far and please feel free to visit anytime. Ciao!


One Response to “About Flea”

  1. Becky Kennedy October 11, 2010 at 11:01 am #

    Hi, Flea! Wow! Sounds like you are doing great. Love the “list” before diaper duty and the “flea” story. Funny I’d never heard that before, but I can picture Donnie hosing you down. What a hoot! Love the blog – you are so creative and your humor shines through. Congrats on all your accomplishments! Your Mama would be proud. (Which by the way, you look so much like her in the photo on this page, it took me by surprise.) Keely forwarded your blog site to me as I’m not on facebook – but I’ll follow your blog! Hi, to Andy (and your sister when you talk to her). Love, Becky

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